Giorgio Armani Spring 2011 Transluminence Makeup Collection

If you are a fan of Megan Fox you will be happy to see her first seasonal  beauty campaign for the Girgio Armani cosmetics. Let me remind you that she was already the face of Eyes to Kill mascara.

The new collection is called Transluminence. Linda Cantello, Armani’s Creative Director says that she was inspired by the colours of spring for this collection: lights cheeks and lips and purple, blue, green and silver eyes.

Collection includes:

  • Eye shadows palette with Iris purple, jungle green, melting snow and carbon black.
  • Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush in pale pink
  • Translucent pale pink powder
  • Waterproof eyeliners in Classic Black # 1, Modern Brown #2, Grass Green # 3
  • Luxury Lip balms in # 518 Dawn Pink, Petal Pink # 503, Early Morning Rose #508

Here is the photo of the products

I absolutely love the blush and the lip balm, they are so beautiful and are perfect for Spring!

By the way, I was watching this great video with Armani’s Reza Zaimeche the other day and I really liked the idea of using brown and deep blue eye shadows together, I can’t wait to try it out!  I loved this video in general, Reza seems to be such an amazing and charismatic Make-Up  Artist.

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4 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Spring 2011 Transluminence Makeup Collection”

  1. Love the look of this collection. I think I may have to run out to Selfridges to get a looky when its out. Love the colours of the shadows palette and want to see the eye pencils too.


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