GIVEAWAY: Makeup4all Turns THREE!

I am very happy to announce that today is a great day…

Makeup4all turns THREE years old! 

I’ve decided to celebrate by having three giveaways with three products each. And here is the first one! You can win:

  • Elemis Absolute Eye Mask
  • Daniel Sandler Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner in Purple Velvet
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion


How to Enter?

Leave me a comment and tell me what are your favourite kind of posts are and why.

If you follow me on Twitter and Like the page on Facebook – I will add some extra products if you win. So let me know your name in the comments if you do.

Don’t worry if you don’t see your comment. I am away right now and will approve all the comments when I get back next week.

I will e-mail the winner on the 21st of February so make sure that you leave the correct e-mail!

Good Luck! 🙂

41 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Makeup4all Turns THREE!”

  1. Hey Marina, congrats on Makeup4all turning 3! I like all your posts, but particularly those about scents and scented candles! I usually am not very interested in such posts, just because smells are so personal. However, you always present them with an adorable personal take that makes me want to try them all!

    I do follow you on Twitter AND Facebook (what a stalker right)! It’s mostlysunnyblog and Sunny Hu 🙂

  2. Happy blog Birthday – congrats on turning 3! My fave types of posts are reviews of new or unusual products, I like finding new things to try after reading about them on blogs.
    i follow you on twitter (@jen__la)

  3. Hi, conrats on the anniversary! I love the “how to” tutorials – so helpful!!
    I follow on twitter as @LenaMaxw and on FB as Lena Maxwell.

  4. First of all: Happy Birthday! =D

    My favourite kind of posts? hmm FOTDs and swatches of new collections pointing out the texture and ease of application too. 🙂
    I’m a twitter follower under the name maryinwonder, and I’m also liking your FB page (I’m Surányi Annamária there)

  5. Congratulations! I enjoy most the posts about upcoming collections because i like seeing what new make-up comes out..and seeing the trends

  6. Happy Birthday!

    I like to read post about new make-up collections and about beauty products in general, and I love the “Beauty Related Things That Inspired Me This Week” series- I always find something to add to my inspiration folders.:)

    I follow you on Facebook too- Corina’s Makeup Playground

  7. Happy birthday!
    My favourite kind of posts are the “Beauty Inspiration” ones. Love them!
    Thanks for the giveaway! A.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Congrats!
    My favourite posts are in-depth, candid reviews not sponsored by or influenced by gratis products, I also love the “How To Tutorials.”
    Thanks for all the beauty inspiration + here’s to many more years of successful blogging!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!
    My favourite posts are the “How To Tutorials” and product reviews and swatches.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Selma Aganagic-Gabela

    Congrats on this anniversary,it’s not a small thing believe me. I’m thinking about entering the bloggosphere and I know how it feels to start something new without knowing the outcome. I wish you many,many more in the years to come 🙂
    Let’s get down to business…Long story short, I love this creation of yours because it’s straightforward,clean, direct,useful and always keeps in touch with the latest and best things you want to see and read about.
    I’m Selma Gabela on Twitter and on facebook I’m Selma Aganagic-Gabela(my full name).
    Honestly,I would love to try Urban Decay Primer Potion because I never have tried it and I’m intrigued in its powers:)

      1. Selma Aganagic-Gabela

        Thank you Marina for an awesome blog and making every day with you a true joy! You really have been an inspiration and my own blog will be off to a start in March! Thank you for motivating me in the best possible way!! xoxo

  11. Hi there! I love your posts regarding looks that inspire you and your reviews on products! I like seeing what inspires people 🙂 I also follow you on twitter (@penguinonrocks). Congrats on the blog turning three! That’s a big accomplishment!

  12. Happy Blog Birthday! 🙂
    My favourite posts are makeup reviews with swatches and “Get the Look” posts from different red carpet events and fashion shows.

  13. Yay! Happy anniversary! You have a great makeup website, thank you so much for your tips and hard work! I follow you on facebook! (Mandee Wheeler)

  14. I like your reviews especially when it’s a product that you personally use. I also like seeing the new collections, but that can be a bit overwhelming! I especially like hearing about makeup artists tips and what products are their “go tos” thanks for the great giveaway!

  15. Hi and happy 3 year anniversary! I like your posts on products and brands that I’ve never heard off! You recently reviewed some mememe cosmetics, i took a look and now have bought some stuff! I’m so glad you brought this brand into my life! I am on fb HaloMakeUpArtitsry but not on twitter xxx

  16. OOO CONGRATS! Yay this is exciting! I love your reviews. They’re in depth and honest, and I like that you add the pictures because the product tends to look different once applied. You certainly helped me decide on some product purchases and I am so grateful for that!

  17. Just saw this! Of course I’m in:) Happy blog birthday! Keep up the good work, Marina – love your blog!
    I really like swatches of different kinds and FOTDs, because that’s when I get to see your pretty face:)

    I’ve following you on Twitter for ages, and Ive just liked you on FB:)

  18. Yayyy Marina Congratulationss Happy Birthday!!!

    Thanks alot for the giveaway!

    My favourite posts are the “How To Tutorials” and product reviews .

    I already follow u on twitter @Sad20ful

    Already Liked u on facebook as Sadia Latif

  19. I love makeup tutorials! I like learning new techniques for certain products and to get certain looks.

    Also, following on twitter @ellaanachronism

  20. Congratulations! I follow on Twitter (@EternalLife_) and like on FB.

    My favourite posts are reviews, I find them helpful when deciding what to buy next!!

    Thank you!x

  21. Hi Marina,

    I follow you on twitter and am an admirer of Makeup4all, Happy birthday!
    Love all the posts, great for info but it has to be the giveaway posts! Who doesnt love a good giveaway???

  22. I love the Posts about the more luxury products, brands I could never dream of trying out on the off chance they are good as I don’t have the income to. Your reviews allow me to indulge every once in a while and it’s feels fantastic! Thank you!
    I follow you on twitter, am @chizzasaur!
    And Manu congrats on turning three!

  23. My favourite posts are tutorial ones 🙂 its all well and good showing the picture but when you actually describe how you achieved the look it makes life so much easer !! 🙂

    I also follow on twitter – charlottecase92

  24. My favourite posts are reviews, I find them helpful when deciding what to buy next!!Cheers
    I also follow you on faacebook – O’Conelli John

  25. Hey 🙂 thanks for this giveaway!! and excellent work for these 3 years!

    I really like the review posts as sometimes its just hard to know what product to choose and its really helpful!

    I follow you on twitter as pocahontas_2491 and on face book as Marija Debattista 🙂

    THanks again!!!

  26. just stumbled across this site.. enjoyed reading about the jo malone sugar and spice collection. i thiink i will have to stop here often. very interesting site so far.. and informative. thumbs up!

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