Givenchy Croisiere Makeup Collection for Summer 2012

Givenchy makeup collection for summer 2012 is called Croisiere and it actually includes several products that I would really love to try.

The face of the collection is Liv Tyler who looks beautiful.

There are two new cream eye shadows with a ‘whipped’ texture in very wearable shades.

Ombre a Fleur de Peau, £23

  • No.1 Pearly Rose
  • No.2 Pearly Nude

Three bronzing powders called Poudre Bonne, £32.50,with a nice prints. There are three shades:

  • No.2 Douce Croisière
  •  No.3 Ambre Croisière
  • No.4 Extrême Croisière

Magic Kajal,  £15

  • No.2 Delicate Nude

Would definitely love to have this in my collection as it should look awesome on the waterline!

 Mister Radiant Body, £32.50

Here is what is written about it: ‘Givenchy Mister Radiant Body is a crystal-clear transparent and innovative gel with 3 different types of coloured micro-beads for a made-to-measure healthy glow result.’ Sounds great!

Vernis Please, £13

  • No.179. Delicate Brown

Baume Gloss, £19.50

  • No.1 Natural
  • No.2 Pink Croisière

Rouge Interdit Shine, £21

  • No.56 Delicate Rose
Rouge Interdit Shine, £21
  • No.28 Delicate Brown

I’d love to get the nude kajal, pink lip gloss and the eye shadows.

There are also new brushes from Givenchy available!

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