Givenchy Croisiere Makeup Collection for Summer 2013

Givenchy’s makeup collection for summer 2013 was created by Nicolas Degennes to enhance the sun-kissed effect of the tanned skin.

As the brand suggests “the  sun-worshipping woman who lies dormant within each one of us is awakened, exalted and glorified, glowing with radiant beauty.”

The main colours of this collection are coral and fuchsia.

Le Rouge Limited Edition, £24

Matte shades with intense pigmentation and a special edition white leather effect design.

Le Vernis Limited Edition, £15

Tow glossy nail polishes that match the lipsticks.

Noir Couture Waterproof, £22.50

The famous Givenchy’s mascara now comes in a waterproof formula in two colour variations:  Black Velvet and Purple Velvet.

Reflet Précieux. Satiny Body Enhancer,  £36

Scented body lotion which is  subtly tinted universal shade with ultra-high concentration of pearlescent particles, it enlivens the skin with amber-tinged iridescent highlights.

HydraSparkling Nude Look BB Cream,£28.50 / €39.50

This is the newest edition to the brand’s  Hydra Sparkling line. This BB cream  is a hybrid between skincare and makeup, it is promised that it should moisturise all the layers of the epidermis with 24-hour continuous hydration and amplify the skin’s radiance. The universal shade should also adapt to different skin tones.

And finally , there is a new addition to the fragrance family Dahlia Noir L’Eau.

50ML £47.50, 90ML £60,  125ML £76. Available from 20th April.

The new, lighter, variation of the Dahlia Noir scent (by François Demachy) is described as “clear, subtle and sensual without being overtly seductive.” The notes are:  citron and neroli,  rose petal, patchouli, cedar and musk.

Is there anything you like? I’m like the look of the fuchsia lipstick, purple mascara and the sound of the new BB Cream.

The makeup collection and the BB cream are out in May.


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