Givenchy Gelée d’Interdit. New Lip Glosses

You already know about the new Gelee d’Inerdit by Givenchy, so here are all the details.

This is what Givenchy says about the new product:

“For the first time, a Givenchy gloss is formulated without wax. The jelly texture is non sticky, melts on the lips upon application and provides a balm-like cocoon sensation of extreme comfort.

An immediate plumping result: thanks to the hyaluronic acid micro-spheres, the lips become immediately smoother and get a plumper effect.

A long term smoothing and skincare action: a vegetal extract revitalizes and smoothes immediately the lips. A large range of playful and lively shades with numerous effects: sparkling, icy, pearly…”

There are 13 shades:

  • Tempting Rouge n°1
  • Celestial Black n°2
  • Transparent Shine n°3
  • Vibrant Fuchsia n°4
  • Explosive RaspBerry n°5
  • Frozen Rose n°6
  • Blooming Pink n°7

  • Electric Purple n°8
  • Neon Orange n°9
  • Icy Peach n°10
  • Sparkling Petal n°11
  • Elegant Nude n°12
  • Dazzling Caramel n°13

I will take a look at the rosy shades and the purple one, I wonder if it is similar to the famous 413 Pop  Gloss Crystal.

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