Givenchy Hotel Privé Makeup Collection for Spring 2013

Believe it or not, but we will start seeing Spring 2013 makeup collections in December/January which is not that far away so  maybe it’s time to take a look at some of the them?

Today I want to show you Givenchy’s  Hotel Privé collection which, according to Nicolas Degennes (International Artistic Director) is a collection that “conveys a subtle, natural elegance. Colours that express gentle pleasure and cosy intimacy. Textures that are easy to use. The very definition of refined, low-key luxury.”

The inspiration for this collection were the various French hotels Mr Degennes stayed in, their atmosphere, colours, materials, the feeling of comfort they give.

The products are:

ÉCRIN PRIVÉ Eyeshadows, £46

This palette looks very luxurious, although I personally do love the signature prism design of the brand. There are three (mica free) mattes shades:  taupe, grey and natural beige. The fourth shade is a  iridescent rose milk pink highlighter.


  • N° 59 Private Peach, pinkish beige


  • N° 35 Private Rose
  • N° 36 Private Fuchsia


  •  N° 183 Private Grey
  •  N° 184 Private Taupe

All products are limited edition.

The complimentary products for this look are:

  • LE PRISME BLUSH No. 22 Vintage Pink
  • NOIR COUTURE No. 1 Black Satin
  • PHENOMEN’EYES No. 1 Phenomen’Black
  • ROUGE INTERDIT No. 1 Only Beige

This collection will be available from 21st January 2013

I really love the combination of the eye shadows in the quad and all the lip products, especially the glosses.

1 thought on “Givenchy Hotel Privé Makeup Collection for Spring 2013”

  1. It’s too soon for spring collections, I’m not ready for them yet! The holiday ones haven’t even arrived here yet!

    Having said that, I do love the look of the glosses, so pretty!

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