Givenchy Nuit Céleste Makeup Collection for Holiday 2011

The next holiday 2011  makeup collection that we are going to take a look at is by Givenchy, and it is called   Nuit Céleste.

I would say that it is a very typical holiday collection as we get gold shades, shimmer and beautiful holiday design.

Let’s take a look…


This collection includes:


L’Or Céleste, £42.00/ €57.50

A loose powder with shimmer. I actually can’t believe that I still don’t have a powder like this one. I should definitely write to Santa this year 😉

Nails, £13/ €16.50

Vernis Please in Noir Céleste which is a gold with golden shimmer.


L’Ombre Noire £34/ €47

Multi-Purpose Shadows for eyes – wet & dry

Eye shadows which can be used to create beautiful smoky eyes, as an eye liner, eye brow powder or… as a mascara. There are different brushes which will let you experiment with the product.

Phenomen’eyes mascara, £20/ €28

  • Black Sparkles
  • Plum Sparkles
  • Gold Sparkles

Prisme Yeux Mono  £20/ €27

  •  Or Ceeleste n° 20

And I can totally see myself wearing these with the black eye liner and a thick coat of mascara.

Rouge Interdit £19.50/ €27.00
  • Rouge Céleste n°53
Gelée d’Interdit £18.00/ €25.00
  • Celestial Black n°2
  • Or Céleste n°16

This collection is out in October.

1 thought on “Givenchy Nuit Céleste Makeup Collection for Holiday 2011”

  1. Ooh that shimmer powder looks like the Guerlain ones! Might just have to get one. 😉 I’m also interested in the mascaras, shimmering black and purple sound great. 🙂

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