Givenchy Prisme Yeux Mono for Spring 2010

Prisme yeux mono de Givenchy promo

The information about these new eye shadows appeared on Asian blogs several weeks ago. But I didn’t know the details for Europe. Althought I already made a post with the link to  one Asian blog with the photos of  presentation of Givenchy Spring 2010 collection New Impressions and Prisme Yeux Mono collection where you can see  photos of all the shadows.  The shadows were created by Nicolas Degennes.

This week I found out the information for Europe  at this French Blog.  So enjoy the details!

Prisme yeux mono de Givenchy blue shadows

There are  16 shades and each will cost EUR 27 and will be available in January

The shades are listed according their order on the photo below:

  1. Hip Grey
  2. Must-Have Blue
  3. Stylish Green
  4. Chic Coral
  5. Fashion Pink
  6. Fancy Coffee
  7. Modish Brown
  8. Smart Nude
  9. Dressy Indigo
  10. Casual Khaki
  11. Trendy Plum
  12. Elegant Taupe
  13. Couture Beige
  14. Signature White
  15. Showy Black
  16. New Look Mauve

Prisme yeux mono de Givenchy shadows

Some colours look amazing! They are  look even better on the photos from  presentation in Asia. And I am thinking about getting several shades. What about you?

5 thoughts on “Givenchy Prisme Yeux Mono for Spring 2010”

  1. I don’t think I’ll be getting any shade because somehow Givenchy shadows turn out to be quite bad comparing their price. :/ I know my friend had few of theirs prisme shadows but they were really horrible. 🙁 

    But, I do like few shades :love:

    I know their blushes and lip stuff is great so I’ll probably go with that when that spring collection arrives to Croatia 😀 
    .-= Vesna´s last blog ..Beauty novosti: Givenchy New Impressions kolekcija (proljeæe/ljeto 2010.) =-.

  2. Hi, dear Vesna 🙂

    I agree that 27 EUR is a little bit too much but who knows, maybe these shadows are worth getting, I have to try them first.

    By the way I like YSL and Dior shadows. Plus Artdeco shadows are amazing. I can never get enought of them and the prices are very reasonable!

  3. I LOVE Dior shadows! I have only 2 palettes for now, but that’s just the beggining 😀 I’ve tried YSL but don’t like them, to chalky for my taste. 🙂 

    I agree about ArtDeco, have few those shadows (those small ones, with magnets) and they’re great! Great quality and great price indeed. 🙂 I don’t know if you’ve tried PUPA, but they have also amazing shadows and they’re not that expensive. Middle-range cosmetics, like ArtDeco 🙂 
    .-= Vesna´s last blog ..Beauty novosti: Givenchy New Impressions kolekcija (proljeæe/ljeto 2010.) =-.

  4. Actually Givenchy shadows work well if you layer them. I have been purchasing their shadows for many years, and they work great. Try experimenting with the different colours from different pallettes. Believe me you will fall in love with these colours.

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