Givenchy Soir D’Exception Makeup Collection for Autumn 2013

Here is a preview of Givenchy’s Autumn/Winter 2013 makeup collection – Soir D’Exception.

And here is  what Nicolas Degennes, Artistic Director, says about the release:

“As in the poet’s song, a spark and a loving word are all you need to light the fire. And all doubts disappear since I know that the sparkle of a candle’s flame, so special, comes from millions of nano diamonds produced by its combustion. And moreover, isn’t lux the unit of measurement for light? When night falls, let’s go for the exception! …Because it is beautiful.”

Givenchy Soir D'Exception Makeup Collection for Autumn 2013 promo makeup4allThe products are:

Ecrin de Soir Palette, £46

Warm soft colour dispersed in matt shades: dark violet, caramel and dusky rose.

Glow of pink-hued mother-of-pearls.

Le Rouge, £25

  • Rose d’Exception, a dusky rose for delicate, feminine lips.
  • Rouge d’Exception, a brick red for an enchanting and intense smile.

Le Vernis, £15

  • Rose d’Exception, dusty rose
  • Lilas d’Exception, lilac

Noir Couture, £22.50

  •  Khaki d’Exception

Magic Kajal, £16

  •  Brun d’Exception, a dark brown softened by a hint of pink.

Looks like an elegant and classic collection colour-wise with a gorgeous chic design.

This collection will be available from August 2013


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