Givenchy Vintage Christmas Holiday 2010 Makeup Collection

Givenchy Holiday 2010 collection is all about vintage and red & black colours.

Collection includes:

  • Rouge Interdit Vintage Carmine №49
  • Gloss Interdit Vintage Ruby №27, glossy red with no shimmer, gorgeous for holidays!
  • Vernis Please!Vintage Garnet №172

I read that the gloss is pure glossy red, with no shimmer in it. The lipstick and nail polish are red with brown undertone.

Le Prisme Yeux Collector Camaieu Unique Eyeshadow – Iridescent Finish

Phenomen’eyes Vintage Bronze №5

Not sure why is it called bronzed if it looks like green on the photo.

Le Prisme Collector,  lightly scented powder with subtle shimmer. Sparkling Powder Face & Décolleté.

There is also one more new product by Givenchy – Mister Lash Booster. It’s a gel lash conditioner.


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