Glam Evolution by Make Up Factory. Holiday 2009

Make up Factory Glam Evolution Holiday 2009

Make Up Factory is a high end brand from Germany. You can read about the brand at the official website.  There you can also read all the details about this collection.

This collection includes:

Luxury Glitter Cream – € 9.50

Luxury Glitter Cream No. 1  in Silver

Luxury Glitter Cream No. 2  in Gold

Luxury Glitter Cream Make Up Factory

Shimmer Lip Gloss – € 9,50

  1. #07
  2. #20
  3. #26

Shimmer Lip Gloss Make Up Factory

Shimmer Lip Stick – € 12,50

  1. # 03
  2. # 07
  3. # 12
  4. # 35 Shimmer Lip Stick Make Up Factory

Eye Colors (Quattro) – € 16.00

  1. Noble Silver Shades (No. 82)
  2. Noble Copper Gold Shades (No.87)

Eye Colors (Quattro) Make Up Factory

Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner – € 9,50

  1. #1
  2. #9
  3. #11
  4. #12

Shimmer Liquid Eye Liner Make Up FactoryEye Liner Brush – € 5.80

brush Make Up Factory

Did you try anything from Make Up Factory? Did you like it? Do you plan to give it a try?

5 thoughts on “Glam Evolution by Make Up Factory. Holiday 2009”

  1. Hi!

    Were are you buying makeup factory products? i love eyeshadows from makeup factory, but the place i used to buy it has quit selling makeup factory products.

  2. Can you tell if this Make-up is Sold on Line to ship to UK . I bought some on a trip to Ireland but have been unable to find it

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