GOSH Light’N Shine Lip Glaze Review, Photos, Lip Swatches

You probably already know my obsession with cool pink lip products already. So I’ve had this GOSH  Light’N Shine Lip Glaze in #4 on my wish list for some time already and finally picked it up last month.

I actually have to say that I’ve been impressed with GOSH Cosmetics lately as they have so many great products and the price is not that high. For those of you who don’t know, GOSH is a beauty brand from Denmark which is sold in most European countries.

Just take a look at this beauty!

I have to say that I’ve got this gloss because of it’s colour but it is a pretty cool gloss to buy just for the built in light and a small mirror it has.  Both are actually really useful. I mean  it does work and am sure  it will be very helpful if you like going out a  lot.

This is also like a lovely assessories, everyone immediately notices it and asks you about it. I only wish this gloss  had a on/off button as I don’t need a light at the day time and I am afraid the battery may die too fast as I am using this gloss very often.

As for the gloss itself, I really like it. It looks similar to my favourite glosses which are Chanel Mica and Guerlain Crystal Pearl in terms of colour.

GOSH Light’N Shine Lip Glaze gives a beautiful  coverage. It is not than thick and sticky compared to other lip glosses. Th gloss has a nice small brush which make the application really easy. Unfortunately, the staying power is not very long but, again, the price is cheaper than high end glosses (I’ve got mine for €14).

Here is how it looks like on the skin.It’s a cool pink shade with a lot of  cool-toned sparkles.

And on the lips.

I also have to mention that it has  subtle vanilla scent, but I like it personally.

I love it and am happy that I’ve finally purchased it.

While I was at GOSH the sales assistant was extremely helpful (I don’t think I have ever met such amazing SA in my life, for real) so she showed me a lot of other great products. I am sure that I will be back soon.

And what about you? Do you like GOSH? What are your favourite products?

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  1. The shade is very pretty and the in built light is so cool. I think it’d be very useful at night but what a shame it can’t be turned off during the day.

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