Green Eye Shadows and Liners Swatched: From Lime To Emerald

Yesterday I was doing a makeup for a St. Patrick’s Party so I was going through my green eye shadows looking for the colours that I may use. So I thought I’d share those that I really like.

This is not a review post as it would take me forever to review each eye shadow but most of the shadows I already reviewed in the past.

Part 1

Estee Lauder Precious Jade Double Wear Stay-in-Place ShadowCreme Eye Shadows, light metallic jade. Review here.

Bourjois Tilleul Dore Duochrome Eyeliner. It is a beautiful lime green with duochrome effect. More details here.

Illamasqua Stoic Liquid Metal, metallic emerald.Review here.

Bourjois 80 Vert Expressif Khol & Contour eye Liner, dark  green.

Part 2

ArtDeco eye shadows in 247, one of my favourite eye shadows ever. Beautiful fresh shimmery lime. I adore it (It looks brighter in real life). More details here.

Lancome Designer Color Design Eye Shadow, shimmering  jade. Review here.

Inglot D.S 477 Eye Shadows, acid lime with golden sparkles. Review here.

Make Up For Ever  91 Eye Shadows, matte apple green.

Part 3

Urban Decay Homegrown, warm mild green with shimmer. This shade was a part of BOS II and Alice In Wonderland BOS. You can see more details here.

Urban Decay Libertine, black with green from my Favourite Black Palette. Yes, this is seriously my favourite product from Urban Decay! More details here.

Urban Decay Loaded, sparkly emerald green

Urban Decay Kush, green metallic with silver glitter

Both eye shadows are from NYC BOS, more details here.

Bourjois 43 Green Insomniac Contour Clubbing Waterproof eye liner. (how cool is the name?). It is a dark emerald green and works great as an eye shadow base.

Do you wear green eye shadows often? I like wearing green from time to time! What kind of green shades do you like? I like bright lime, subtle jade and dark emeralds.

As you can see I like Bourjois eye liners and have bought quite a few as I find that the quality is great especially for the price. In fact I plan on buying more, if only they had more shades.

I hope you liked this post and I will probably do similar post in the future. I already did one on silver/pewter/grey eye shadows.


4 thoughts on “Green Eye Shadows and Liners Swatched: From Lime To Emerald”

  1. Stoic looks so pretty!!!
    I must say I regret not looking into the liquid metals from the Art of Darkness collection…
    Hmmm! Not sure if I’d wear it that often though – I usually wear green just on the lower lashline…


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