Guerlain Les Roses Et Le Noir Makeup Collection for Spring 2012

This Spring Guerlain’s makeup collection is all about the pink and the black. It is even the name of the collection actually – Les Roses Et Le Noir.

You can see that even the promo image with Natalia Vodianova is all about the pink and the black!

The star product of the  collection is the  MÉTÉORITES CRUEL GARDÉNIA which is  an Iridescent Illuminating Powder. It is a limited edition obviously, and retails for £41.00 / €55.00.

The other big release is the new  Noir G mascara which you can see on the promo photo, by the way. It comes in the similar case as the Rouge G lipstick.

Here is what Guerlain says about the mascara:” Pull: there is a click and the mirror is revealed. Twist: a sleight of hand and a brush appears. Noir G is refillable to belong to you and no-one else. Pull the top to reveal the refill. Just trigger a secret click on the top of the cap to release it… And insert another. ”

This mascara should give us three-dimensional result, according to the brand, it should be volumising, lengthening and curling.

There is also a very interesting detail! Here is how the scent of the mascara is described:” The softness of flowery peach, the crispness of green vegetables, the opulence of rose and jasmine, the sensory pleasure of benzoin and white musk… ”

NOIR G DE GUERLAIN £35.00 / €47.00

NOIR G DE GUERLAIN – REFILL £19.00 / €25.00

There is also a new ÉCRIN 6 COULEURS palette,  £53.50 / €73.00

  •  66 BOULEVARD DU MONTPARNASSE  four tones in a gentle harmony of flesh pink, pearl mauve, tea rose and tender violet to illuminate the iris, the liner frames the eyes in intense plum.



Two new variations of ÉCRIN 4 COULEURS £37.00 / €51.00

11 LES ROSES: IRIDESCENT frosted pink with minute pearl particles, MATTE intense pink with an ultra-gentle matte effect, VELVET SATIN raspberry pink with a velvety finish, and metallic and hypnotic ALCATAR’EYES violet. A gaze that is fresh, enticing, seductive.

12 LES AQUA: Shimmering IRIDESCENT petrol blue, sophisticated MATTE navy, VELVET SATIN turquoise with perfect glide, and ALCATAR’EYES glacier blue with magnetic shine. For a sophisticated, spellbinding and stunning gaze.

KISSKISS GLOSS £21.00 / €27.50

  • 869 ROSE IN BLOOM: pure pink.
  • 870 CHERRY PINK: a gourmand pastel.
  • 871 FROSTED ROSE: an off-white with delicate, subtle pink mother-of-pearl particles.
  • 872 FLUSH PINK: an intense fuchsia.

ROUGE G DE GUERLAIN £29.50 / €40.50

  • 72 ROSE INNOCENT: pure and iridescent, it coats the lips in false innocence… Truly irresistible.
  • 73 ROSE ENSOLEILLÉ: creamy and luscious, its sensual accents set the lips alight.
  • 74 ROSE PIQUANT: a sumptuous pink with outrageous radiance.
  • 75 ROSE BARBARE: a false fuchsia, incandescent and provocative.


Available Exclusively at Harrods from 16th January 2012 and Nationwide from 1st February 2012

I  personally totally love all the lip products!

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