Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick

I already posted a preview of Guerlain’s Rouge  Automatique but here  is the official information. I totally forgot to write this and it was sitting in my inbox for several days already.

So here is the promo photo with Vodianova and, surprisingly, I like it although I don’t like her in general. It is simple an classy, you can’t really go wrong here.

And here is the official information

To tell the truth, I am not very excited about this lipstick as I don’t like the idea and the design.  I can’t say that it looks luxurious and sophisticated to me. But I can get other Guerlain lipsticks(and glosses) any time. Especially their KissKiss glosses, I adore those.

And are you excited about this lipstick? Do you you think it would work for you?

3 thoughts on “Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick”

  1. I’m interested to try them but mainly just for the formula, I don’t care much for the design. Avon’s done these kind of lipsticks and they’re just a gimmick. However, I love Guerlain and their lipsticks are wonderful, so will be interested in these too. Would love to know what shade Natalia is wearing in the promo pic, it’s gorgeous.

    By the way, I love Natalia Vodianova, she is simply stunning. Why don’t you like her?

    1. Hi Anitacska,
      Yes, their lip products are amazing!
      Since you’ve asked… I don’t like the way she looks (but I like Slavic type, even a lot) and her in general.

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