Guerlain Rouge G Serie Noir Jewel Lipstick Compact For Spring 2011 Swatches

It is my Birthday this Sunday so I though I’d get myself something nice. By something nice I usually mean luxury makeup.

I also wanted to try Shellac (better late than never right?) so I did get a manicure. A red one! I will write a post about it in 2 weeks.  Now the only thing that is left – get my hair done but I can’t think of what I want. I don’t want any huge changes…

But back to the makeup. I wanted to get some Chanel and Guerlain but guess what? ALL products that I’ve wanted to get were out of stock!!! Unbelievable.

Most of all I wanted to get 2 shades from the Guerlain Spring range but the 2 shades that I wanted were sold out!

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The shades are swatched in this order:

  • 45 Orange Euphorique
  • 24 Rouge Sensuel
  • 71 Rose Desir
  • 70 Fuchsia Delice

The beautiful eye shadow which you can see on the photo is Chanel’s Ombre Essentielle in 75 Magic Night. I wanted to get it as well. But guess what? Yes, it was also sold out.

Here is by the way, how the Rose Desir lipstick looks like on the lips. This is just my kind of colour so I really hope I will find it.


As I was determined to get something I finally managed to pick up 2 nail polishes which I never tried before.  A grey one by ArtDeco and a black one by Pupa. Can’t wait to try them out. This week I also got myself an YSL Gloss when I was getting an YSL lipstick for the giveaway winner.

And what about you? What was your latest purchase? Do you love Guerlain lipsticks? Have you tried Shellac?

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