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Guerlain Terra Azzura Makeup Collection for Summer 2012

Guerlain’s summer 2012 makeup collection Terra Azzura is a collaboration  of Olivier Échaudemaison, Guerlain Creative Director and Laudomia Pucci, Pucci Image Director. It is inspired by a “Winter Capri” print from the Pucci’s achieves.


The powder, which is the star of the collection, combines  Guerlain’s legendary Terracotta powder and Emilio Pucci’s iconic prints. This is a hybrid of  bronzer and blusher with four shades and lightweight formula.

The packaging is a rounded form created in ebony-coloured varnished wood,  it also comes with an accessory pouch printed with the Pucci motif.


The cult Guerlain product, Meteorites, which were created in 1987 now also contain  a corrective blue peal in a nod to Pucci.

The results:



POWDER BRUSH £28 /€34, Special Edition


Warm tones of pink, coral, brown and pearl.

LE 2 DE GUERLAIN MASCARA £25 /€34, Navy Blue

KHÔL KAJAL £23 / €32, Indigo Blue

Available Exclusively at House of Fraser from 20th May 2012

Available Nationwide from 3rd June 2012

 Here is also an interview with the creators of the collection: Laudomia Pucci and Olivier Échaudemaison.

What does a beautiful summer mean to you?

LP: A beautiful summer is a summer when the warm sunlight blends with the scents of the Mediterranean, leaves, flowers, the sea… waves crashing onto the rocks.

OE: Warm sunlight on tanned skin, the translucent water of the Mediterranean.

What are your favourite colours for 2012?

LP: Deep blue and acid green.

OE: Colour! Or all white! (which sets off a tan). The colours are upbeat, joyful and peppy. You can’t always go overboard in the city because they aren’t in keeping with a working atmosphere, but on holiday you can as you leave everyday city life behind.

What are the fashion and make-up dos and don’ts this summer:

 If you are sailing on a yacht

LP: Enjoy! And absolutely no heels on board.

OE: I prefer sandals to stilettos! And play with make-up when the sun goes down.

 If you are in a villa at the water’s edge

LP: Enjoy! And don’t just stay around the pool.

OE: Lunches around the pool and cocktails at night require a touch of studied sophistication. Not so much an overly elaborate look (you’re among friends), but not extremely natural either: a few touches of colour on the face for a groomed look, and a few well-chosen stylish accessories with personality.

If you are staying in a Luxury hotel.

LP: Enjoy!

OE: It’s a little bit more “civilised” here. You get dressed up in the evening! The other clients are not all my best friends and scruffiness is out of the question! So the face will be refined and subtle to match an all-linen or chiffon outfit.

What does the word luxury mean to you?

LP: Pure air and silence, to be disturbed only by the noise of the waves…

OE: Less and less “bling”, more and more lightness and subtlety: materials, the colour palette; attitude, a certain elegance that we used to call “chic”. Style is no longer about grabbing the eye. Today, luxury is almost invisible: calm, space and time.

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