Guerlain Terracotta Collection for Summer 2010

Every summer Estee Lauder created the new Bronze Goddess collection while Guerlain creates Terracotta collection. So lets take a closer look at the Terracotta collection for summer 2010.

Collection includes:

  • 6 Terracotta glosses With SPF15, €25.88
  • Terracotta Teint D’Ailleurs(bronzed moisturizer with SPF10), €41.33

  • Terracotta Fard Metal Eye Shadow and Liner, €28.89
  • Terracotta Touch (will add illumination and radiance to the complexion, permanent addition), €32.87
  • Terracotta Kohl in Mirage, €30.88.

Compact bronzers in:

Terracotta Light Summer Bronzing Powder, €44,82

This is Terracotta 4 Seasons with SPF 10, €59.74

This collection will be available at the end of March. So what do you think? Do you plan to get anything? I really love the Terracotta glosses: they are very beautiful and feel amazing on the lips. They also stay on for a really long time and give you an amazing sun kissed look!

By the way here is how Terracotta collection looked like in summer 2009. I like this collection much better!

Update: You can get the collection  starting from March 13th – Exclusive to Selfridges London. Summer collection will be available in the UK starting the 1st of June (via JazzGuerlain twitter)



  1. Hi Amy!
    You are welcome and thank you for comment! By the way, I just checked you blog and I really loved it, I am a big fan of Chanel 😉

    Hi Betsy!
    I am very happy to see you here 🙂
    By the way, soon there will be new meteorites:
    01 Teint Rose,02 Teint Beige, 03 Teint Dore

  2. Hi there Marina 🙂

    I’ve already seen the collection and i’ve bought the new four seasons for brunettes… Felt a little disapointed with the compact meteorites 🙁 they are very very similar to the first ones, 01blondes and 02brunettes 🙁

    What do you meand with the new meteorites 01 Teint Rose,02 Teint Beige, 03 Teint Dore?? Are they from terracotta?

  3. Where have you been?))
    I don’t have new meteorites, I read the review and saw photos. But I do have 3 “old” meteorites from regular collection.

  4. Very bussy at school 🙂 I’ve already seen the new meteorites… Oh… i feel disapointed 😡 they look the same like the “old”… And the two new compacts from terracotta are so similar to the 01blondes and 02 brunetes… I’ve already seen them 🙁 just a tinny more dark.. Do you feel the factor WOW? loool can’t wait to see the surprise powder that they release in june… But i liked more the last summer 09 🙁 with the compact meteorites and the powder of sables… This summer line just have usual meteorites..



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