H2O Plus Face Oasis SPF 30 Hydrating Lotion Review

It can be  tricky  for me to find a suitable facial moisturizer for Spring/Summer period.

My skin is dry but I can’t use heavier textures, as I do in Autumn/Winter, and the  products with lighter textures often don’t deliver and don’t hydrate and moisturize my skin enough.

Luckily, H2O Plus Face Oasis SPF 30 Hydrating Lotion is a real life saviour!

It comes in a very cool ombre blue bottle which looks super stylish. The lotion itself has a light  blue tint to it and a “marine” scent.

The texture is light and non-greasy which is exactly what you want in a warm weather, it sinks into the skin immediately, at least in my case, but at the same time leaves the skin feeling amazing.  It [the skin] is smooth, supple and healthy in general (that’s actually the best word to describe the effect) afterwards.  Plus it does feel hydrated and moisturized which is my main concern.

The formula contains Vitamins C and E and Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens which is a great bonus, as I don’t have to wear sunscreen on a regular days when I don’t spend that much time outside.

And here is the full list of the ingredients:

I am honestly very impressed with this lotion, it’s a perfect match for me.

You can get yours from Marks & Spencer, 38ml for £32.50

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