Hair Care and Styling Products Wish List: Viviscal, Kerastase, Mason Pearson and MOP

I never liked my hair, there are so many things I don’t like about it that I won’t even bother mentioning them all. At least I am happy that it is straight and  I am also happy with my natural hair colour;  I have had all the shades  and styles in the past. But I have stopped dying it when I was about 22-23, and I am happy with my [natural] dark cool-toned brunette look.

As I have already mentioned in several previous posts, I am currently trying to figure out what products I still need to add to my routine. I have also used up several that I have been loving, so am looking for a replacement. Or should I just re-purchase the old favourites?

Here are my picks:

Hair Wish List Viviscal, Kerastase, Mason Pearson and MOPViviscal Maximum Strength Programme for Women – Feel Unique now have 20% off now, so I have already purchased it. And from Amazon.

I am seeing it everywhere now. Apparently it is supposed to be  a miracle-in-a-pill, and a lot of people swear by it. I did try Philip Kingsley “hair vitamins” in the past, by the way. So think about giving these a go. What if the results will be really great? I guess, we will see.

A Good Brush/Brushes

Believe it or not, but I rarely brush my hair. I can imagine the shock and horror this statement can cause.  But the thing is that my hair never gets tangly and no matter what  (cheap) brush I buy – I end up neglecting it. I read so many raves about Mason Pearson brushes, that I would like to invest in one of these for some kind of special occasion. After all, they should last a life time. Maybe I should put it on my Christmas wish list? What other brushes do I need?

Clarifying Shampoo

Philip B is my favourite, hands down, but when I wanted to buy it last week from Cult Beauty, it was out of stock. So, I guess, it’s time to try something new.

I’ve read about quite a few options and these two seem like the winners for me: mop Basil Mint Shampoo and Redken Hair Cleansing Cream.

Volumising Products

I like products that give volume but don’t weight the hair down and don’t feel like you have tonnes of it on your scalp, something like L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Volume Expand Root Lift Spray. Which now has a new name –  Volumetry Anti-Gravity Volume Root Spray (you can buy it here).

Now I am thinking whether I should just re-purchase it, as I really love it. Or try something different, like Kérastase Resistance Volumifique Expansion Spray (available here).

What are your favourite hair care and styling products? Anything I have to try?

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