Halloween 2009 Face Charts by MAC Cosmetics

mac halloween face charts Are you ready for Halloween? Do you want to create a great look and need inspiration? You can check out 21 awesome face charts here. And here are 3 that I loved a lot? Do you think you will try something out? Which one did you like?

Ace of Hearts halloween

Ace of Hearts

Look created by M·A·C Artist: Regan Rabanal

Location: New York, NY, USA

Follow the step-by-step and M·A·C products listed below to achieve that look.


1. Block out the eyebrows with MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer.

2. Sketch out the card shape around the eye…use an actual playing card to get the right shape and trace it with Fascinating Eye Kohl.

3. Fill in the card with Luna Cream Colour Base and cover with White Frost Eye Shadow.

4. Add card details with Blacktrack fluidline.

5. Cover face with Studio Sculpt Foundation.

6. Use Blacktrack Fluidline and Mystery Eye Shadow to create the ultimate smoky eye.

7. Add lashes to top and bottom of eye with Duo Adhesive.

8. Using Lasting Lust Pro Long Wear create a heart shape on the lips!



Studio Moisture Fix

Prep+Prime Skin

Studio Sculpt Foundation

Studio Sculpt Concealer

Blot Powder/Pressed – Medium Dark

Powder Blush – Dolly Mix, Desert Rose


Studio Finish Concealer

Fluidline – Blacktrack

Eye Shadow – Carbon, Soft Brown, Mystery, Bamboo, White Frost, Passionate

Eye Kohl – Fascinating

Cream Colour Base – Luna

Penultimate Liner – Rapid black

Cremestick Liner – Red Enriched

Zoomlash – Zoomblack

Fibrerich – All Black


Lip Erase – Pale (PRO)

Cremestick Liner – Red Enriched

PRO Longwear Lip Colour – Lasting Lust

Dazzleglass – Extra Amps

Deadly Dame

Deadly Dame halloween

Look created by M·A·C Artist: Lara Brewster

Location: London, UK


1. Prime and hydrate skin with an application of Prep + Prime SPF 50, and follow with a highlight of Strobe Cream.

2. Create a heavy lidded effect with a smokey eye by using Blackground Paint Pot as base all over eyelid with Brush #242. Apply a dense layer of Carbon Eye Shadow, concentrating on the outer and inner corner of the eye, leaving the center of the lid bare. Use Brush #217 to blend outward with Eye Shadows in Sketch and Shadowy Lady.

3. Create a glowing highlight in the centre of the eyelid by applying Luna Cream Colour Base and follow with a blend of Vanilla Pigment and Vex Eye Shadow.

4. Eyes should be smudged and kohl rimmed as black as possible through lower lashes with a blend of Smolder Eye Kohl and Carbon Eye Shadow with Brush #228.

5. Continue to create dark circles under the eyes by using Brush #217 to apply a blend of Print and Nocturnelle in sweeping semi-circle strokes. Leave spaces between these strokes bare to create highlights.

6. The femme fatale has been drinking blood! Draw Redd Lip pencil from lip down the chin, then paint on M·A·C Red Lipstick. Add Clear lipglass to the mixture with Brush#210 to give the glistening wet look.



Strobe Cream

Prep+Prime Face SPF 50

Studio Fix Fluid – NW15

Select Moisturecover – NW15

Studio Fix Powder – NW15

Powder Blush – Dollymix

Eye Shadow – Post Haste, Scene, Print, Nocturnelle


PaintPot – Blackground

Eye Shadow – Crystal Avalanche, Espresso, Carbon, Sketch, Shadowy Lady, Vex

Cream Colour Base – Luna

Pigment – Vanilla

Fluidline – Blacktrack

Eye Kohl – Smolder

Plushlash – Plushblack


Prep+Prime Lip

Lip Pencil – Nightmoth, Redd

Lipstick – Cyber, M·A·C Red

Lipglass – Clear

Madame Mask

Madame Mask

Look created by M·A·C Artist: Sylvester Jack

Location: Sabah, Malaysia

Follow the step-by-step and M·A·C products listed below to achieve that look.


1. Use Brush #188 to prep and perfect skin with Prep + Prime Skin.

2. Use Brush #191 to apply Chromacake in Pure White to the entire face, including the neck area.

3. Lightly sketch the “wave” design on the face with Fascinating Eye Kohl.

4. Outline and shade the design details with Smolder Eye Kohl and Blacktrack Fluidline, using Brush #212.

5. Use Brush #217 to apply Carbon Eye Shadow over the design in order to set with a matte finish.

6. Use Brush #208 and Blacktrack Fluidline to elongate and define eyes. Follow by using Brush #239 to blend Carbon Eye Shadow over both eyelids.

7. Apply Lash #36 on the upper lashline and Lash #33 on the lower lashes to open up eyes.

8. Define the lip with Blacktrack Fluidline.


Lightful Foaming Cream Cleanser

Studio Moisture Fix Lotion

Prep+Prime Skin

Chromacake – Pure White (PRO)

Eye Kohl – Fascinating


Eye Kohl – Smolder

Eye Shadow – Carbon

Fluidline – Blacktrack


Prep + Prime Lip

Lipstick – Black Knight (Style Black Collection)

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