Hand Cream Love: J.R. Watkins and Brooks & Waters

I am the biggest hand cream fan ever,  I have mentioned so many hand creams on the website already, and posted quite a few over at my Instagram, too.

So today I want to show you my two newest loves, both were gifts from my friends which is very sweet of them. One was brought to me from Canada, and the other one from the USA.

J.R. Watkins Shea Butter Hand Cream ( get  it from Amazon and Amazon UK)

I used this one mostly during the winter, as it is very nourishing and quite thick formula-wise (check out all the butters and oils in the ingredients list).   I honestly think this is one of the best hand creams I have ever used, I really see the difference when I am using it. While my very dry hands absolutely loved it, some people may find this product a bit too much so I’d only recommend it to those who love their creams. But if you do – you’re gonna be a big fan. The version I have smells nicely but now I am dying to get a lavender scented one.

Brooks & Waters Mandarin Honey Intensive Hand Cream

The formula of this one is not as thick as the J R Watkins, but it still pretty effective, and may work better for people who prefer lighter textures. What I personally really love about this cream  is the fragrance, it smells incredible, like an instant pick-me-up. Mandarin and honey is such a great idea.  However, I have to point out that the formula contains mineral oil and parabens, and it may be an issue for some people.

I can’t find these hand cream online, but it shouldn’t be a problem finding them in Canada.

If you have a favourite hand cream – please share with me, as I am always on the hunt for new great ones.

1 thought on “Hand Cream Love: J.R. Watkins and Brooks & Waters”

  1. I love Brooks & Waters coconut lime hand cream!
    I received it as a gift last year, and can’t find it anywhere online or in stores.
    Please tell me how to get it from Canada, if it is not available in the US.

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