Hand Cream with Olive Oil by Doliva. Review

I am the biggest fan of olive oil so I get a lot of skin care  with olive oil. I am also a big fan of hand creams. And this is my favourite hand cream of the moment. I already wrote a review about the lip  balm on the photo. You can read it here


This is what is written about the cream:

Rough, dry hands need special care. Extra virgin olive oil and precious jojoba oil protect the skin against drying and make them soft and silky  smooth. Enjoy the Mediterranean scent of olive oil and fresh, sharp lemon.

Use: Apply several times a day to hands to help combat rough, dry skin

What do I think:This cream is amazing. The best one I’ve tried in a long time. The ingredients  are wonderful and it really does everything that is promised. I use it every time when I wash my hands, before going to bed and just during the day. It smells wonderful and makes my dry hands so soft and moisturized. I highly recommend this cream to all the ladies with dry skin type.

So far I’ve tried only 2 products by Doliva but I am sure that I will get something else because  I loved these products so much! What products by Dolive have you tried? What do you think about them? I’d love to hear your opinion!

Price: around $8.



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