Happy New Year! And My Favourite Makeup Products of 2010, 2011 is Still to come!

Happy New 2012 Year everyone!

I hope you’ve had an amazing party and are looking forward to 2012!

It was interesting to read the post: Best of 201o and I will definitely write a post about the Best of 2011!

I absolutely LOVE reading about people’s favourite products of the year and making lists  while I am still working on my list of favourite beauty products of 2011, you can take a look on my favourite products of 201o!

Favourite Face Products of 2010 – here

Favourite  Eye Products of 2010 – here

Favourite Lip Products  of 2010 – here

Favourite Nail Polishes of 2010  – here

It will be definitely interesting to make a list of my favourite makeup & beauty products of 2011. I would also love to hear yours!



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