Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Gift Set

Last week I was browsing the US on-line beauty shops since my friend was getting some things for me and I have to tell that I’ve found so many interesting products. Too bad I couldn’t get everything I’ve wanted…

When I saw this set by Harajuku Lovers I though that it was very cute and although this is not my style at all, I can think of a lot of people who would appreciate it as a gift.

Wicked Style Gift Set ($150 Value), $100 at sephora

“In this collectable line of fragrances, the edgy-cute, super-stylish girls of Tokyo’s famous Harajuku shopping district inspired each bottle’s unique, doll-like character. With brightly colored hair and obsessively wild outfits, each of these five Harajuku characters is part of the limited-edition Wicked Style fragrance collection that features deliciously fun scents in bottles that take cues from the extreme Japanese fashion that Gwen Stefani helped to popularize in America.”

This set contains five 0.33 oz collectible eau de toilette sprays:

  • Love (purple): Fruity Floral
  • Lil’ Angel (red): Sparkling Floral
  • Music (majenta): Woody Floral
  • Baby (pink): Vanilla Floral
  • G (yellow): Fruity Floral


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