Help Girls From Developing Counties To Get An Education

I rarely post about non-beauty related things but I find that the new campaign with Freida Pinto which aim is to help girls from developing  countries   is a great cause to share!

According to  this campaign, educating girls in developing countries is the key to eliminating the cycle of poverty. I will not get into details as you can watch both videos to find out more about this campaign.

Here is the video with Freida Pinto

According to Plan International,  75 million girls are currently being denied access to an education, simply because they are girls! Can you believe it?!

And we all can make a difference!

All you have to do is ‘raise your hand’ by clicking the button on a Facebook page.   If 1 million people  raise their hand by October 11th, the International Day of the Girl,  Plan International can convince the UN to make educating girls a priority.

  This is  sponsored post . But I really want to increase the awareness.  

Have clicked the button myself  and am going to ask all my friends to ‘raise their hand’.

And  I am also asking you and your friends!


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