Herbacin Wuta Kamille Hand Cream Review

I love hand creams. A Lot. I  must have them everywhere: in my bag, on my desk at work, numerous tubes at home, you name it!

I think my favourite one so far has to be this one from Elemis and I also really like this cream from Clarins.

When I run out of the cream that was in my handbag at that time I just threw in the Herbacin Wuta Kamille Hand Cream courtesy of my gorgeous girl Farrah.

First of all, I like the cheerful design with a camomile and the tin.

I  also like how this cream feels on the hands, very smooth and it does not sink in the skin immediately.  It feels like a film or glove. Some people may not like it but I personally do, as my hands are very dry and I like how it protects my hands from the environment.

Among other things, I also find the scent of this cream to be very nice.

It turned out that the price of this cream is…£1! Yes, seriously. You can get it  from beautynaturals.com.

I think it’s a great cream to try and also a nice and very cheap product to get as a gift.

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