Holiday GIft Guide: Modern Kabuki Collection from NARS Cosmetics

Besides the Holiday collection NARS released these amazing sets. These (Kabuki sets) don’t come cheap but they will make a great holiday gift in my opinion.

Modern Kabuki collection = specially designed gifts that are inspired by François Nars’ travels throughout Japan, his deep interest in Japanese culture, and his fascination with Kabuki makeup.

The most exciting sets are Nagauta Kabuki brush set (£160) which includes  Kabuki Eye Brush (exclusive to the set), Botan Brush, Ita Brush, Yachiyo Brush, Kabuki Lip (exclusive to the set) and Kudoki Kabuki mini lip set (£90) which includes tlip shades, Kabuki lip brush, wooden box.

There are are three more sets

Hanamichi Kabuki–inspired eyeshadow palette, £45

Japanese for ‘flower path,’  the colours are evocative of shades found in Kabuki theater – an icy white with flowers in rich shimmering deep rose and gold and matte black. Also includes a  Mini Kabuki eye brush.

Mie Kabuki mini soft touch shadow pencil set, £39

Includes Tall Tale deep metallic purple, Magic Moon deep metallic navy blue, Ballets Russes silver, Aigle Noir black infused with gold shimmer, Palladium turquoise with silver glitter, Skorpios copper.

Kuroko Kabuki mini nail polish set, £ 25

Includes Yoshiwara red, Shiro–Nuri white, Kata black, Senryou gold.


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