Holidays Gift Guide: Paperself Lashes

Just take a look at the uber gorgeous and unique Paperself lashes, inspired by Chinese culture, they are a perfect present for Holidays.

These lashes are not new actually but somehow I’ve never mentioned them… So here we go!

The model is wearing Peonies lashes

 I’d be very happy to find them among my presents. And just imagine wearing a pair to the Christmas’ or New Year’s party! There are quite a few variants to choose from.  Below you can see only some of them, there are more designs available

Small lashes: £10.50, Regular lashes: £12.50, The Lace Garden V&A: £14

Paperself Lashes are available to buy from, Urban Retreat Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Browns, ASOS and Zuneta.

Lashes for the A/W 2011 are called  and they are V&A Collaboration (£14).

So what do you think? Would you wear them?

2 thoughts on “Holidays Gift Guide: Paperself Lashes”

  1. These are amazing, are you sur you’ve not mentioned them before Marina? I could have sworn you had. I think these are really reasonably priced for something so beautiul, in fact I may even get some of the small peacock ones, however I need to find a latex free eylash glue as I’m intolerant.

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