Hourglass Cosmetics Visionaire Eye Shadows Duo in Gypsy Review, Swatches and Makeup

I’ve been really impressed by the Hourglass products lately but most of all I’ve been impressed with their eye shadows. They are, without  a doubt, one of the best eye shadows that I have ever tried.

I am almost sure that I took the photos of the palette before I’ve started using it but unfortunately I can’t find them anywhere. So I am sorry that my eye shadows are a bit messy, I’ve been using them a lot and I also managed to drop them, which was horrible. But I am very impressed tat they didn’t fall apart completely as most eye shadows would.

First of all take a look at the gorgeous design, you can actually tell that it is a luxurious product. The colour of the package is beautiful plus it has a mirror and a 360° swivel lid. The brush which comes with the palette is not a complete rubbish as most  similar brushes are.  It can be actually used if you don’t have anything else around. I’ve used it myself and was  surprised that it’s not bad at all!

But most important.What about the eye shadows themselves? I have a palette which is a called Gypsy  and is described as a  peach ivory shimmer/ bronze shimmer.

As I already said, these are one of the best eye shadows I’ve ever tried, the colours are pigmented, go on smoothly and stay on without creasing or fading. You know, a lot of shimmery eye shadows may look bad and even cheap, especially when you put them under the brow bone. These don’t! Although they are shimmery, the shimmer is delicate and not vulgar at all, I love it!  These are also very buttery, it’s easy to blend them and it’s a pleasure to use them.

You should also know that these are without: Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes, Phthalates.

Hourglass is famous for primers/foundations but I’ve never tried them, so from what I’ve tried I can highly recommend the eye shadows. I know several people who use the Visionaire Eye Shadows Duo and who are also absolutely happy with the quality.

I had to google all the other eye shadows swatches and, wow, they are GORGEOUS! I tell you. I’d love to have them all, honestly.

The price is £28/$38.

And here is the makeup I did with these eye shadows the other day, it is not the finished look though plus no mascara yet but it shows the colours really well.

This is not my eye

So I guess this photo speaks for itself. You can see the gentle shimmery highlighter and the gorgeous and pigmented darker shade. Really beautiful!

Hourglass is available from:

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