How to Plan Your Own Health-Focused Holiday

Even though it is already September who wouldn’t want to go on a lovely and relaxing holiday? I want one even more now that I am watching The Durrells and enjoying their life on Corfu which is why it was a perfect time for this collaboration on how to plan a health focused holiday, because, let’s face it, we all could do with one.

3 Options For a Health-Focused Holiday

Holidays are traditionally times when individuals focus on destressing, detoxing, and
recharging for another year at work, giving them ample time to relax and reap the rewards of their hard work throughout the year. However, the new fashion for health-focused holidays puts these benefits at the forefront of their ideology, leaving holiday-goers feeling fitter, healthier, and mentally and emotionally strong.


Fitness and sports have long been fashionable options for those interested in keeping fit on holiday, with many different organised tours and independent travel options available to
those who want to combine their holiday with staying healthy. Playing sports and performing fitness activities enables people to prevent fatal illnesses such as heart disease and stroke, improves your muscle and bone strength and the working or your organs, and can even help your brain functions.
One of the most popular options for sporting holidays includes cycling- the travel that is
essential to cycling makes it perfect for sightseeing, allowing individuals to tour across vast areas over a number of days. Popular destinations for this type of trip include the French Alps, the Black Forest in Germany, and the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, which have routes for both beginners and advanced cyclists.
Crete is one of the most popular destinations for healthy holidays, including hiking and
walking holidays, with many infamous routes across the Samaria Gorge and the Sfakia
coastline. Part of ensuring that you have a healthy and stress-free holiday is finding the
perfect accommodation for your trip, and villas in Crete will allow you to achieve the peace
that you need to fulfill all of your wellness ideals, while also acting as a gateway to many of
the refreshing walks and cycle routes that are available.
Another great option for families is walking holidays, as these allow the freedom to walk as
much or as little as you want and to create your own routes, while also giving you the
benefits of strenuous exercise and the outdoors, such as improved mental health and an
increase in vitamin intake.


However, for those that are looking for the ultimate way to relax, day spas give you the
opportunity to detox your body. This can help to reduce the stress of the working year and
can help to improve your clarity of mind by ridding your body of toxins and invigorating the
growth of blood cells. Spas also often include a wide range of activities such as massage
and hydrotherapy, which can both help to de-stress your body, and improve its flexibility and your muscle tone. Spas can also specialise in curing specific aches and pains within the body through alternative therapies such as acupuncture with trained professionals, allowing you to return home healthier than when you left.

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Meditation and Yoga

Many individuals also decide to go on meditation or yoga courses while they are on holiday, as learning how to meditate can promote a less stressful way of living and clear your mind from negative thoughts. Different countries will have different experiences of meditation and yoga to teach you, and attending yoga classes in another country also has the added physical benefits of an increased metabolism, improved energy, and better cardio health.

Although India is the most common country to practice yoga and meditation, Bali, the
Maldives, and even California are also popular options with a history in the practice.

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