How to Take Care of Your Face to Be Pretty

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Today I would like to share with you some of my beauty tips. How to take care of your face to stay pretty? In this post I won’t mention any brands, I will just write about the procedures.  I saw this tip in one video and now I really like it. First of all I’d like to say that I try not to wash my face with water because I have sensitive skin. This is why I usually use creamy cleansers.


I put some cleanser on my face according to massage lines(see the image below). Then I take cotton pad and divide it into 2. After it with my both hands I take away the cleanser with. After that I take toner and cleanse my face with it. When I’m finished with cleaning I use moisturizing cream. I also use eye cream. I apply it gently starting from outer corner of eyes my ring finger. Also don’t forget about your neck. Although there are special creams for neck and décolleté I still use the one for face. Before leaving the house I also use SPF. Now everyone (from magazines for women to celebrities) can tell  that you should use SPF every day during the whole year.


You should take  Thermal Spring Water with you to moisturize and refresh your skin. If you have oily skin you should also take some wipes that control skin oil.


When I come home – take off makeup from eyes. Then I do the same thing that I do in the morning but in the end I use nourishing cream. I read that one can use it only after 25 but I started at 20 and my skin feels great  about that J I don’t use eye cream in the evening.

Also I use scrub or peeling  1-2 times during the week. I have some masks with different effects so I also use then during the week several times.  Besides that I LOVE lip balms, so I have lots of them and use whenever I want to.

I guess this is all. But don’t forget to eat healthy food, drink water and get your beauty sleep!;)

Also soon I plan to write about products with SPF, how to take care of yourself during summer, reviews about some hair products + summer must haves.  Don’t miss it!

Stay pretty, Marina


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