How to Take Care of Your Hair in Summer. 15 Useful Tips

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Today I want to talk about hair care. Do you know how to take care of your hair in summer? Do you want you hair to look gorgeous?  Here are some useful  tips that will help you!


  1. Remember to wear scarf hat or cap to protect your hair against the damaging effects of the sun.
  2. If you are planning to stay long in the sun, use a protective sunscreen on your hair before stepping out.
  3. Try using Sun Hair repair mask, after your hair is exposed to the harmful effects of the sun for a long duration.
  4. Avoid using additional heat on your hair, meaning make the least use of Hair Dryers or Hair Curlers on your hair. If at all using it, remember to condition your hair before you do so.
  5. Avoid taking hot showers or washing your hair in hot water, use warm or cool water instead, the heat can dry out and/or damage your hair and skin.
  6. Avoid hair products with formaldehyde or alcohol in it which dry out hair, try to use natural products that are gentler on your hair.
  7. Try using moisturizing shampoo during summer, rather than the normal shampoo that you use during other times, as they are much gentle on your hair.
  8. Try washing your hair less often; shampooing your hair strips the moisture out of your hair.
  9. Deep condition your hair after each shampoo wash.
  10. Products with replenishing actions works better in summer.
  11. Staying hydrated is important for healthy hair as well as your overall health, so make sure that you are taking enough water.
  12. Treat the frizzy areas of your hair with jojoba oil, and wrap it with plastic before going to bed. Leave it in that way through out the night. Shampoo in the morning.
  13. Chlorine causes severe dryness to your hair. So it is recommended that before going for swimming dampen your hair, so that it reduces the absorption of chlorine. Also, after swimming, you use a clarifying shampoo to wash off the chlorine residues on your hair.
  14. Hair products claiming to provide volume and bounce to your hair, dries out your hair and do not moisturize it.
  15. Don’t forget to take care of your hair in summer not to spend all fall trying to repair the damage!hair summer

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2 thoughts on “How to Take Care of Your Hair in Summer. 15 Useful Tips”

  1. Some really great tips to take care of your hair. We can add tons of tips but care is more difficult in winters than in summers according to my opinion.

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