I am Now a Happy Owner of a Z Palette in Red

I am sorry, I forgot my camera at my friend’s so I can’t post any reviews today, unfortunately. It kind of makes me sad as there are so many things I want to show you.

But,  the good thing is that I am now a happy owner of a Z palette. I’ve been wanting one for a very long time. I finally ordered one on-line at Cocktail Cosmetics for £15.95.

I can’t wait to depot some of my eye shadows and blushes with bulky packages which take a lot of place and annoy me.

I really love the fact that you can actually see everything you’ve got inside. Very handy!

Inside you can see La Femme blush in Coral which I’ve got for £2.95 at the same shop. I was really curious to try it as I’ve seen some amazing reviews. I’ve tried it only but I’ve been really impressed so far.

2 thoughts on “I am Now a Happy Owner of a Z Palette in Red”

  1. I’ve been wanting a Z Palette too, but since my makeup drawer isn’t too full yet I’ve been putting it off. Can’t wait to see other stuff you want to show us once you get your camera back!

  2. Mine just arrived today and I cannot wait to try it! I have FAR TOO MUCH make up so trying to organise it better. If I’m happy with my new purchase, I may have to put in a bulk order for more!

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