I Love Makeup. I Really Do.

This week there have been hardly any reviews and it is because of this…

Some of my favourite makeup ads on the background

All my free off work time I spent  doing makeup on different people. I really want to improve my skills. Everything is working out really great and I am very excited about certain things in the future but I can’t tell you anything yet!

Plus I’ve started working on the Spring Magazine and I already have some great material and a lot of ideas.

And how are you doing? How is your weekend so far?

6 thoughts on “I Love Makeup. I Really Do.”

  1. Is the picture of you working? I always wanted to be a makeup artist when I was younger but my parents were set on me doing law, as they are paying for it (thankfully) I can hardly disagree and blogging fills the creative void a little. It is lovely to see others following their dreams though and I’m sure you would be fantastic in the beauty industry. Good luck with it all and I can’t wait to see the Spring magazine, I don’t know how you have time for everything! x

    1. What a familiar story! I had a very similar situation and my parents thought that I was too young after school and that I would get over it soon.
      Yes, that’s me on the photo and thank you SO much for believing in me. That means a lot! I want it as a part-time creative project, I don’t think that I would like doing it all the time, I like other things besides makeup. Plus you have to be really good to do that for living.
      And you will have a great education and you can always start some beauty related courses in the future!

  2. That’s really cool 😀 I always get so nervous doing makeup on my friends! I’m like aah aah what if I mess up?! I can’t wait to hear what it is that you can’t tell us yet xD btw so excited to see your Spring issue! I bet it’ll be great as usual

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