If You Could Use Only One Makeup Product: Which One Would You Choose?

Imagine if you had to pick only one makeup product you could use before going out (doesn’t really matter where). What would you chose and why?

I know that most people would answer concealer  and a lot of would choose mascara.

But, as for myself, the choice would be obvious – dark brown eye pencil.


As long as my eyes are defined, everything else is fine. Well, almost… But smudged dark brown eye pencil is a must have for me.

I have picked my two favourite  pencils, which, I am sure, you have seen a lot of times already (here).

One is Lancome’s Le Crayon Khol in Brun Noir which I use pretty much daily and the second one is Daniel Sandler’s Brown Velvet pencil. The shades are similar and I love them both.

But I like these products for different application methods. I usually sharpen Lancome to get a very precise line or flick and as for DS, it is soft and smooth and it’s easy to apply in in the roots of the lashes or on the waterline.

8 thoughts on “If You Could Use Only One Makeup Product: Which One Would You Choose?”

  1. As much as I love my nail polish, I agree completely – eye pencil or hide behind sunglasses! I like dark green, but any will do! I feel undressed with no eye makeup.

  2. I would chose lipgloss. I can’t stand not having anything on my lips. I’m a total addict. But lipstick with everything else bare looks weird to me so I just pick gloss.

  3. Despite my love of nail polish, my must have beauty product is actually blusher! I look positively ill without it, especially in winter when my skin needs some sun!

    Thankyou for the tip on these dark brown eyeliners, I used to have a beautiful Estee Lauder one but then never got a brown to replace it, so am without. The nearest I have are plum ones but I need a good brown!

    1. Esther, I have “discovered” brown when I was still at school. I run out of my black eye pencil (can’t believe there were time when I could finish a pencil, LOL) and went to get a replacement but they only had browns in stock, so I had no choice. I am so happy about it now 🙂 x

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