Illamasqua Art of Darkness Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

So the new Illamasqua collection with the stunning promo images is already available on-line. I’ve already made a preview of it by the way.

Deep in an enchanted forest, the scene is set for a sumptuous feast. The chosen have arrived. Where this night will end no one knows. Not even death is inevitable.

Lured by the promise of immortality, a host of fantastical beings try their hand at creating the ever-elusive Elixir of Life. The resulting potions dazzle the eye and ensnare the senses, a beautiful array of jewel-like substances. They may not deny mortality, but they do make the theatre of life a more colourful stage on which to play.

Wanton Woman

It’s a melting pot of individuals, where ideas are exchanged, and new ones created. A surreal gathering from which the guests might never awake. Which is why this night can never end, and the game must be played for eternity.

So take your place at the table and let the banquet begin.

A feast for the eyes, the Art of Darkness collection is a sumptuous selection of jewel-like shades for eyes, lips, nails and body. From ruby reds to sapphire blues and emerald greens, accompanied by antique golds, this mythical array of lavish tones is as intense as it is opulent. Indulge your extravagant side and revel in the otherworldliness of night-time make-up.


This is Art of Darkness.

Collection includes:

Intense Lipgloss , £12.50

  • Hermetic(Deep wine red)

Lipstick , £15.00

  • Disciple(Deep navy, matt finish)

Liquid Metals, £17

  • Resolute (Metallic ruby)
  • Superior(Metallic sapphire)
  • Stoic(Metallic emerald)

Pure Pigments, £15.00

  • Alluvium (Iridescent midnight blue)
  • Ore (Rich russet bronze)

Precision Ink, £16.50 ( My Review and Swatches)

  • Alchemy(Antique gold)
  • Abyss(Gloss black)

Nail Varnish, £13

  • Scarab(Deep ruby red, metallic finish)
  • Virdian (Peacock green, metallic finish)

Powdered Metal, £22

  • Ether (Pale gold shimmer)

I personally would like to get Virdian nail  polish, Ore pigment also looks beautiful.

There are a lot of beautiful images ( I’ve only published my favourite) and the swatches of all products at Illamasqua so be sure to visit their website!

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