Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism Makeup Collection for SS 2012 Preview

I always look forwards to Illamasqua launches and, although I personally love AW collections with dark shades and images much better, their SS are always fun & colourful and a pleasure to look at.

Here are some promo images from the Human Fundamentalism collection. The star of the collection is the teal lipstick as you can see.

There are two eye palettes, tel lipstick, two nail polishes, white eye liner,  six matte eye shadows and LE shimmering shade of foundation.

Image below is stunning, I am pretty sure the model is wearing Havoc eye liner.

And this one is about the acid colours

This one is really fun!

You can see more photos at Illamasqua Facebook page and you can pre-order the collection at their website from today.

And here are the products

Here is also a video for you to enjoy.

Which promo image is your favourite?

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