Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Boost Review and Lip Swatches

Today is the first day when you can preview Illamasqua’s Generation Q makeup collection on their website, so it’s a perfect day to review their Intense Lipgloss in Boost.

Illamasqua describe the colour as  a blueberry violet and I think it’s a perfect description. It is a lilac with a blue iridescence.  I personally find it wearable and  very unique.

I also like the new design and the brush the gloss now comes with. The brush is amazing! I usually use a lip brush with opaque glosses for precise application and with this one I don’t need a brush as it does a great job.

Sometimes with opaque glosses, the colour does not spread evenly but this is not the case. Boost looks opaque and glossy with only one layer. The blue undertone adds something special to it.

The texture is non-sticky and moisturizing, the staying power is also impressive… One more thing that I have to mention is the scent, it smells of raspberry bubblegum. This is completely off topic but it made me crave raspberries, so I had to get some yesterday 😉

Here is how it looks like on the lips. I think it would look even better when my tan comes off  (my skin is much paler usually).

This is definitely one of the prettiest glosses that I own.

And on my goodness, how gorgeous does Opulent look? I think I will have to get it when the collection is available (September 6th). The price of each is £14.

But we make three most popular  products available from 28th August by sharing them with the social buttons. I have already added Opulent to my Pinterest.

The swatch of Opulent is from Illamasqua’s website.

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