Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Erzule and Kabuki Body Brush Review, Photos and Swatches

Today I want to tell you about the products that would work perfectly for summer. And these are actually from the Illamasqua SS 2010 collection called Body Electrics.

I’ve already mentioned these products but never wrote a detailed review so here we go…

The first products is the Powdered Metal in Erzule, deep bronze shimmer. There are four Powdered Metals available and I’ve got the darkest shade but you can also get: Bebhionn (soft pink shimmer), Thalia (golden tan shimmer) and Ether (pale gold shimmer).

You can actually use these in so many ways: as a face powder, body powder, eye shadows; you can also mix it with other products you have.

I personally love using it on my body and as an eye shadows.

It is a very dark colour compared to my body so I have to blend it  very well, but once I do, it looks gorgeous! I personally like using some body oil , wait until it absorbs into the skin and then use a very thin layer of this powder very well blended. I find that it stays on the moisturized skin much better. You can probably try mixing some powder with body lotion but I haven’t tried it myself.

The great thing is that it doesn’t  wipe off your clothes when you are wearing something with the long sleeves, it stays on very well and gives a beautiful sheen.

I would recommend Erzule after some fake tan or if your skin is not so pale as it would look more natural but if you do use it on the fair skin, again, make sure that you blend it very well.

The great news is that now you can get your Powdered Metal with a great discount! Now it retails for £15.75 and the original price is £22.50 at Illamasqua.

To make sure that I don’t use too much powder (as it is so dark for me), I put some  in the lid and take it from there. But what do I use to apply this powder?

I’d use a sponge which comes with the powder if I had a lighter shade but since this one is the darkest shade I use  the amazing Illamasqua Kabuki Body Brush which retails for £39.

Sorry for the total mess on the photo

The brush one of Alex Box’s personal favourites and it is not surprising as the quality of the brush is really great. It is not cheap but I think it’s a great investment and I can totally see myself getting one for myself if I wasn’t sent one.It is great for summer as it is really easy to apply products on your body with this brush. I also think that this brush would be a nice addition to any Make-Up Artist’s kit. Body Kabuki is synthetic and it is extremely soft.

Above you can see how Erzule looks like unblended.

And do you use any shimmer/glitter on your bode on summer? What are your favourite products if you do?

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