Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation Review, Photos and Swatches

I’ve already posted a preview of the Illamsqua Sin Base Foundation. So today, after trying it out, I can  share my opinion.

I was very curious to try this foundation as both Illamasqua team and fans of the brand were raving about it.

I was sent the samples of three shades to try.  So I have #3 (yellow undertone), #4 (yellow/pink undertone) and #5 (pink undertone).

Although I felt in love with this foundation from the very first time I’ve tried it, I’ve decided to wait and use each shade for at least one day to give my opinion.

As you probably remember, I haven’t tried the original BB Creams so I can’t really compare the effects but I can give my opinion on the Skin Base.

This foundation is a pleasure to use, it glides on the skin and it’s easy to blend. I also liked that the product lasted for the whole day on me and did not make my dry skin look cakey at all; it did not enhance the dry patches which often happens.

If you don’t have any major problems – this foundation will be enough as it gives a beautiful natural finish with a nice coverage which is buildable.  Plus it won’t look as if you are wearing tonnes of makeup which is pretty amazing. Unless you have very dark under eye circles or really bad spots, you can get away with this foundation only.

shades 3, 4 and 5 in natural light

One more great thing is the variety of the shades. I think it would be amazing to get shade #1 and #18 if you are a MUA so that you can mix them with other foundations or use it for highlighting or contouring.

I’ve tried wearing all three shades for the whole day and I have to say that all of them matched my skin tone pretty well. I loved number #5 the best as my skin is a bit darker now but I think that #2 would be the best match for me in winter as I like the pink undertone better than yellow on myself. And I will be getting this shade for myself in Fall/Winter.

This is why I would assume that several shades may work out for you. You can check out the swatches of all shades at Illamasqua Facebook page or contact Illamasqua team at skinba[email protected] so that they  can help you out with the shade.

You can actually see the undertones on this unfocused photo quite well

I have to say that this foundation does stand up to it s promises and I can understand why everyone is so in love with it! It is definitely one of the best foundations which I’ve ever tried as it is so smooth, looks natural and gives a good coverage without being heavy. It also promises to soften and condition the skin but I haven’t used it long enough to make any statements on that.

The price is £25 for 30ml.

I would highly recommend trying the Skin Base, definitely one of the best Illamasqua’s products (and I love so many).

PS. Completely forgot to take a photo of the ingredients (and I know that a lot of people want to know such things) but I don’t have a camera anywhere near me, so I will update this post as soon as possible.

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  1. I’m not nearly close to shopping for a new foundation (I like to finish them up completely before they expire), but this sounds like a good future candidate!!!
    Great post Marina, you’ve covered a lot on here and foundations aren’t that easy to review imo!


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