Illamasqua Toxic Nature Makeup Collection for Spring/Summer 2011

Here is a preview of Illmasqua’s SS  2011 makeup collection Toxic Nature which is all about colour: both pastels and neon shades. The promo images are stunning as always, I love the first one the best.

New Cream Pigment, £17

The Toxic Nature collection has spawned a wild spray of corrupted colours and poisonous pastels in an intensely colour-rich, crease resistant, matt formula that introduces a brand new product to the Illamasqua range.

Six neo-toxic colour mutations create the ultimate in textures on your face, eyes, lips or body. Apply with an Illamasqua brush or simply use your fingers for a buildable, water resistant, highly pigmented finish. Layer under Powder Eye Shadow and Pure Pigments for intensity.

Illamasqua Cream Pigment; camouflague by colour for the neo-generation.

  • Dab, lilac with matt finish
  • Mould, grape with matt finish
  • Bedaub, mint with matt finish
  • Delirium, rose taupe with matt finish (EU only)
  • Hollow, toffee, with matt finish
  • Emerge, peach with matt finish (EU only)

Toxic Nature Lipstick, £15.50

Two toxic tones, Atomic and Flare, have evolved our intense, highly pigmented Lipstick into the ultimate urban survival tool for the neo-generation. Glides on smoothly, creating lips that entrance.

  • Atomic, Fuchsia violet
  • Flare, Bright orange

Toxic Nature Sheer Lipgloss, £13

Come out of the shadows with a high-shine punch of sheer corrupted colour. Toxic Nature sees the rebirth of two candidly intoxicating elements of Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss; Torture and Divine. Layer over Lipstick for lips that mean business

  • Torture,Warm coral peach
  • Divine, Deep fuchsia pink

Toxic Nature Nail Varnish, £13.50

Leave your mark with an unexpected claw. Choose from either toxic pastels or unmissable neons. Toxic Nature has spawned a quintet of new, hybrid colours to challenge mediocrity.

Hardwearing and chip-resistant, the new colours create a great alternative to the French manicure. Simply replace the white with a ‘toxic tip’.

  • Bacterium, Pearlescent ash ochre
  • Radium, Acidic lime, shimmer finish
  • Gamma, Neon orange
  • Stagnate, Grey mauve
  • Purity, Peach


Toxic Nature Precision Ink in Glister, £17

The opalescent shine of Glister, the newest member of the Precision Ink family, is set to break the mould with a daring, nude coloured alternative to the classic liner. Create striking looks with attitude and stand out from the crowd.

Precision Ink’s fine tip allows for definied application, making it perfect for use anywhere, on the face or on the body. It dries within seconds and stays true for hours, so whatever you scrawl on your skin, you know your creation will last until dawn.

  • Glister, Opalescent nude

So what would you like to try?

I would probably want to try the Mould Cream Pigment, Divine Sheer Lip Gloss, Glister Precision Ink. As for the nail polishes, I’d probably got for Radium, the bright neon lime.

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