Impressions on Eyes Makeup Collection by Make Up Factory. Fall 2009

Make up Factory – Impressions on Eyes

A quick glance, an impression that remains! With the new collection Impressions on Eyes Make up Factory, the art of eye make-ups continues to perfection.

Imaginative products are characterized by excellent quality and ease of use. To succeed in professional make-up of breathtaking intensity and sustainable impact.

Eye Make up Factory Primer

The basis for a long-lasting eye make-up is the Eye Primer. The smoothing eye shadow primer neutralized the eyes, makes them appear more even and fresh and prolongs the shelf life of your eye shadow significantly. The creamy, pleasantly light texture contains light-reflecting pigments and a polymer of plant origin, which brightens the eye area and leaves a smooth look. The eye primer is fragrance free.

Make up Factory & Liner Eyeshadow

The Perfect Eyes Eyeshadow & Liner eyeliner and eye shadow in one pen. At the end of a pencil is a powdery, shimmering eye shadows that glide easily over the eyelids and can hide good. The other side includes a matching color, creamy eyeliner with intense shimmering color delivery. This 2in1 solution can create wonderfully harmonious effects. Five color combinations, Anthracite / Black (No.01) to purple / eggplant (No.28) are available for selection.

Make up Factory Color & Care Mascara and mascara Fixing coat

The fragrance-free, nurturing Color & Care Mascara gives your lashes volume and length. The special brush reaches even the finest hair and wrap it gently into intense black. Lecithin keeps lashes soft and flexible. ProcapilTM, a drug combination of biotin, peptides, and olive tree leaves and citrus fruit extracts, strengthens and lengthens the lashes.

Fixing coat of mascara to prevent smudging or running of mascara. The transparent, quick-drying gel wraps itself around the lashes India-ink and protects them from tears or water splashes. Water-soluble mascara adheres much longer and is smudge-resistant.


Availability:  September 2009

  1. Eye Primer – € 9,50
  2. Perfect Eyes — Eyeshadow & Liner – € 12,50
  3. Duo Perfect Eyes – € 5,80
  4. Color & Care Mascara – € 12,50
  5. Mascara Fixing Coat – € 9,50

You can check out all the details at Make up Factory website There you can also read how to create the look from the promo photo!

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