In Love Candle by Daniel Sandler. Review and Photos

Remember my post about the beautiful candles that would make a great Christmas present?

I’ve actually got the In Love Candle by Daniel Sandler just in time for Christmas from Daniel himself. That was such a lovely gift!

It comes in luxury black packaging which is glossy on two sides and matte on two other sides. Inside you can see the black, white, and red DS logos.

As for the candle itself, it is made in collaboration with Jonathan Ward, and I already love his candles, so I had no doubt about the quality. And it is a great quality, the burning is very clean.

In Love is made with organic soy wax and is hand-poured into hand-blown Italian crystal glass.

I absolutely love the notes that were chosen for this candle: sandalwood, vanilla, light musk, amber, patchouli, clove, cardamom, violet, black pepper and sheer white floral.

It sounds like a candle I would love to create myself, seems like we have a similar taste with Mr. Sandler 🙂

The scent is divine, it’s a perfect one for this time of the year, warm, cozy and sensual. Strong enough but not overwhelming. I burn mine every single day since I’ve got it. This is currently my favourite candle, and, as you can tell, I am ‘In Love’.

Don’t forget to trim the wick after each burn

I hope Daniel will create even more candles in the future! And I  also can’t wait for the fragrance diffuses from Jonathan!

This candle retails for £30 (240g) from which is actually cheaper than a lot of luxury candles. And I would totally recommend it!

Available from   from Feel Unique 

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