Inglot Dark Berry Matte AMC Lip Pencil # 34 Review and Lip Swatches

It was my Birthday in March and I wanted to wear dark lips out so just for this occasion I’ve bought  Inglot’s Matte AMC Lip Pencil in #34 which is a dark berry shade.

It is matte lip product so obviously  your lips must be in a great condition.  I’ve been using this lip balm so mine were prepared!

So here are my thoughts about it:

As I already said, make sure that your lips are in a perfect condition.

I think it’s easy to apply it as you don’t need any additional products, just make sure that you apply it evenly or it will look horrible and it will be very obvious as it is such a dark shade. I’ve applied mine straight on the lips and gently dabbed it with the finger in the end.

I don’t find it drying (if you moisturised the lips, but not directly before applying this product) and it stays on for a long time. You can blot it with a tissue and apply one more layer to make it stay longer but I find that it stays on nicely even with one layer.

As you can see from the photo below this doesn’t really glides on, so be very careful with your application if you want nice results.

I also like the simple and elegant design and that it is not expensive. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the exact price but it was around €10 (it depends on the country).

And here is how it looks like on me when applied. As you can see the colour is wearable and not as dark as it looks like in the tube.

As you can see , I am  happy with my purchase and I will definitely wear it out for special occasions in the future.

PS.  I already tweeted about it, but if you missed – now, if you are from the US, you can now get Inglot on-line at their official  store. This lip pencil retails for $11.



6 thoughts on “Inglot Dark Berry Matte AMC Lip Pencil # 34 Review and Lip Swatches”

  1. Z dnem narodzhennya, Marina! (belated).

    The lip color looks very good on you. I like such shades too. I am liking MAC Peacocky Collection Kissable Lipcolour in Love Peck – a deep rich berry shade.

  2. This color is gorgeous!! This pencil looks like NYX Jumbo lip pencil, which I have one and really like!! =)

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