Inglot Duraline Review

I wanted to buy Inglot’s Duraline for ages, and I finally did it last month!

What is it exactly? The brand describes it as a “ silicone polymer forms a breathable film while this waterless clear liquid transforms any powder into an intense easy to apply liquid.”

It sounds like a must have for any make-up artist or beauty lover, as the possibilities are endless. But does it really work?

Inglot Duraline ReviewI wanted to buy it mostly to “resurrect” some of my dried out gel eye liners. And I am so happy that Duraline actually did it!. In fact, I can now wait with buying new ones, and can just get different shades instead. I am actually thinking about an intense cobalt blue.

I haven’t tried using the liquid with eye shadows and pigments yet, but I can’t wait to start playing. Moreover, I have also red that it can be used as a base for glitter (or any pigment) on the lips, too. I am sure the results will be impressive.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the packaging, so can’t take the photo of the ingredients.

You can buy it online for $9 here and I would totally recommend.

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