Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick in 50 Review and Lip Swatches.Love It.

Several people told me that they found out about Inglot via Makeup4all, got several products  and that they loved them. I am very happy about it as I like the brand myself and find some of their products truly amazing.

So today I am going to tell about one of my favourite product from them which I even included in my favourite lip products of 2010.

I am talking about the Slim Gel Lipstick here. I’ve already written about the Lipstick and Sleeks Cream Lip Paint. So what makes this lipstick special?

First of all I absolutely love the design, as you can see from the name it’s a slim lipstick with an elegant black package, looks very chic to me.

And what do I like about the lipstick? The formula obviously! It is a gel formula which easily glides on and doesn’t dry the lips out. I would even say that it is quite moisturising if you can say so about the lipstick.

I also like that you can apply it in 1 layer to make it relatively sheer, add more layers for an opaque but dewy finish. Plus you can also dab it with a finger for a more subtle effect. If you powder it through the tissue – you get a finish which is close to matt.

I’ve tried to capture it on the photo but you can’t really see it I am afraid. First – with powder, second – several layers, third – one layer.

First photo is without flash; second – with.

You may know that I don’t really do nude lips but this lipstick is probably an exception as I love it so much!

Would I buy this lipstick again? YES!!! There are some bright juicy shades which are calling out my name =  I plan to get for  them summer. You can see the shades here.

What else do I love about the lipstick? The price! I’ve got mine for around €6.3 which is a great price in my opinion.

And to see this lipstick applied on the lips take a look here.

There is one thing that I want to make clear:  I am not affiliated with the brand in any way and I never got anything from them, not even the promo information. I keep posting about Inglot as I truly like the products.

4 thoughts on “Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick in 50 Review and Lip Swatches.Love It.”

  1. Hi,

    I love this brand, I heard so much rave reviews on Inglot makeup. But, I don’t live in USA or in UK, (but in France). so sad!! how can I get them? do you have an idea? thx

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