Ingrown Hair and Bumps Be Gone! Tend Skin Review

My hair removal of choice is waxing (maybe I should write a post about it, as quite a few people asked me to). But the downsides of such method are ingrown hairs and bumps which are not sexy, at all.

Tend Skin Liquid for ingrowth hair review

But there is a solution for that! And that is Tend Skin. What it is? Long story short – this is basically a liquid which contains aspirin and has an anti-inflammatory and calming effect. As the result, there are no more red irritated bumps and pesky ingrown hairs.

Does it work? It dies. Unfortunately, I get the mentioned above problems all the time, and I have noticed that the situation has improved a lot. I have also read the testimonies of other women (it also works for men), and they are pretty pleased, too.

I had a  sample which I’ve got with one of my on-line purchases, and I definitely plan to buy a full sized bottle.

You can do the same from Cult Beauty for £14. There is also an Air Shave Gel available for the same price.   Bonus? You can share both products with your man, if he behaves.


2 thoughts on “Ingrown Hair and Bumps Be Gone! Tend Skin Review”

  1. Shame to say that I do have ingrown hairs around my armpit and pubic area (gross I know). Seems like this is a miracle product to me. Hopefully the website do ship internationally.

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