Ins and Outs. December 2011

Although I usually tweet about the things that I currently like, people who don’t have Twitter asked me to post some updates from time to time. So here we go. I think Friday is  a perfect time for this!


Pan Am

Finally a TV show that I don’t just watch to see the makeup and clothes (hello GG)  but I also enjoy the plot  and  like the characters. And besides that I l-o-v-e the makeup and style. I am actually preparing a post about the show, about makeup mainly. And below you can see my favourite couple from the show – Kate and Niko.

There are only nine episodes available so far and I can’t wait to see the rest. If you’d like to watch a glamorous 60-s inspired show which is not very complicated plot-wise, this one is great!

Photo from Tumblr, not sure about the original  source unfortunately

The Song Of Fire And Ice

I am currently reading the fifth book from the series – A Dance With  The Dragons and I am loving it, of course. But will have to look for some new series to read when I finish these. Everyone is talking about the Hunger Games. Have you read? Thoughts?

Tea. Lots of Tea

I am a huge fan of tea and I drink it all the time. And these days my favourite is plain black with lemon, ginger and honey.  It’s an amazing one to drink in winter.

Just a random photo of tea...


Well, here I could go on and on. But I’ll just pick three things: Clarins skincare, Aromatherapy Associates everything, Japonesque brushes.

Family & Friends

 A lot of amazing things happening with my family. Plus my best friend is visiting. I am VERY happy about that!

Holiday Gift Guides

I love writing those posts. I am always exciting to share something nice beauty-wise. I hope you like those posts as much as I do.


Interesting how I get so many compliments because I’ve gained some weight. I used to be very skinny (no matter how much I’ve been eating) and now a lot of people think that I look great.

Facebook Followers

I am actually really excited that there are almost 2000 likes on my Facebook page. Your support means a lot to me! x


I HATE that it’s getting dark so early! It’s dark at five already!

I’ve bought new shoes now and my feet are in horrible condition now as they hurt so much.  When I took them off, they  (feet) were bleeding in several places.

 I am not really excited about the holidays when I should(?) be.  All these preparations which start almost in November are a bit annoying…  But I am excited about picking up presents.

And now I would like to hear everything about you! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Ins and Outs. December 2011”

  1. I had to Sky+ Pan Am and I loved it, watched it all over the past 2 days because it was on while I was away on holiday.

    I love everything about, plus most of it was based on truth. And I read that Pan Am did weigh their girls every day before every flight.

  2. You will not be disappointed about the Hunger Games. It’s very well written and does not pull punches for some of the themes that it goes over nor does it gloss over what teenagers are capable of or fluff written as I call it. I do not know how else to describe it without spoiling anything!

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