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Ins and Outs. May 2011

A lot of readers tell me that they would like to know  more about myself  so I think it’s nice to make more personal (but not too personal) posts from time to time. So here are my Ins and Outs for this month.


Great Skin

My skin looks so much better now, it is not dry and irritated. There are a lot of factors to “blame” for it. I don’t suffer from insomnia these days, I try to eat at the same time, and I go for a walk every single day. The other reason is Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, these are really pricey but I can definitely see an improvement in my skin condition.


Now everyday I take a walk before work as it takes me less than 40 minutes to get there.


I am loving everything turquoise and light blue right now which is not very original but I don’t really care.

Some of my nail polishes, eye liners and jewelery


I really love mixing my foundation with a bit of a darker foundation to make my complexion look healthy and not so pale.


I did a makeup on the most gorgeous woman… my Mum. She doesn’t wear makeup but she was going to an important event so she gave me a call and asked if I could do her makeup. Of course I said yes!

More Time

I’ve made a decision to spend less time on-line! And it’s so amazing! Now I have more time to do the things that I love doing: read books, cook, watch films and meet my friends. I think you should all try that, seriously.

This is an old photo but I made but these were delicious

Desperate Housewives 7

I like watching Desperate Housewives  but this year I’ve decided to wait till the final episode so I can watch everything together. It was so worth the wait and now I can enjoy the whole season 7. I am going to watch 10th episode tonight.


Making Decisions

I have no idea about my vacation yet. There are just so many variants and everything is so tempting. I am torn apart. Looks like all my friends already booked their holidays and now are all excited and I have no idea what to do and where to go.  Where are you going? What do you like to do in summer? I was invited to see a lot of places I haven’t been to before but I don’t think that summer heat is the best time for that, sightseeing can wait until Fall, right?

This is actually one of the variants

Hot Weather

The weather is getting hotter, and I as you all probably already know, I hate when it’s hot because I feel really bad. Plus I have to carry a fan, face toner and a cooling gel for legs in my bag which makes it even heavier.

New Hair Style

I need to do something with my hair but am not sure what exactly. It is always hard to decide as I find  that visits to the hair dressers can be stressful, the results don’t make me happy most of the times.

Cat Allergy

My cat Sonia, RIP

I want a cat but I have a cat allergy. Yes, I had a cat for almost 14 years and I did have an allergy but I loved her so much that I couldn’t let her go. Now that she is gone for almost two years I think I am probably ready for a new cat but I just can’t get one.

The other day one cat followed me (I guess cats can feel how much I love them as sometimes they can follow me) straight to my place and I let her in, gave her some food and played with her for some time but after that I’ve started sneezing, my eyes were watering … What a shame that I had to take the lovely kitty out of my home.

I could go on and on but I will leave it here. I would love to read your Ins and Outs, too.

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